Nine Blues Earn Spots in State Meet

Senior Zavery Wallace won two events, and Parry McCluer boasted five individual champions as the Blues competed at the Region 1C Track and Field Championships Friday, June 11, in Christiansburg.


Wallace won both the discus throw and the shot put at the meet to pace the PM effort. His toss of 126 feet, 1 inch was enough to net the title in that event. The threw the shot 53 feet, 5 inches, his best throw of the spring to take the top spot by over four feet.


Joining Wallace at the top of the medal podium were seniors Trevor Tomlin and Brenden Plogger, who both won their races. Tomlin broke the tape in the 3,200-meter run with a time of 10 minutes, 26.65 seconds, while Plogger outdistanced the field in the 800 with his sprint of 2:03.57.


Junior Koya Chandler also posted a top finish for the Blues, winning the girls 800 in 2:42.98.


In total, 12 different Parry McCluer athletes and two relay teams secured medals at the regional meet, and nine earned spots in the state championships by finishing in the top four of their respective events. The Class 1A meet will be held at James Madison University on Saturday, June 18.


As a team, the PM boys placed fourth overall with 92 points. Narrows, with 153 points, was the Region 1C champion with 153 points, followed by Auburn (121) and George Wythe (121), while Eastern Montgomery rounded out the top five with 46 points.


On the girls side, the Blues, with only two runners, placed sixth with a total of 18 points. Narrows won the girls event as well, amassing 155 points to claim the title. Auburn was a close second with 151 points, with Eastern Montgomery (99), George Wythe (80) and Grayson County (27) completing the top five.


Trey Orren and Landen Catlett both won medals in two different events. Orren was second in the discus (124-8) and fourth the shot (44-8 ½), while Catlett took third in the 110 hurdles (19.90) and sixth in the 300 hurdles (52.20).


In the 3,200, Kovyk Chandler placed third with a time of 10:31.60; his brother Kedryn Chandler was fourth in the 1,600 in 4:48.79. Colin Donnelly placed fifth in the 800, turning in a run of 2:14.35, and David Lawhorne finished seventh in the same event, crossing the line in 2:21.54. Forrest Vassar rounded out the individual scorers for the Blues, placing seventh in the discus with a throw of 99-6.


Two PM relay teams also placed in the top four Friday. The 1600 relay team was third, while the 3200 relay squad took fourth.


Cloey Mazingo was a medal winner for the girls, earning a spot in the state meet with her second-place finish in the 3200. She posted a time of 14:37.15.




Boys Team Scores


1. Narrows (NAR) 153, 2. Auburn (AUB) 121, 3. George Wythe (GW) 121, 4. Parry McCluer (PM) 92, 5. Eastern Montgomery (EM) 46, 6. Galax (GAL) 38, 7. Covington (COV) 23, 8. Grayson County (GC) 20, 9. Bland County (BC) 1.


Individual Results


100 – 1. Pickett (GAL) 11.57, 2. Robertson (NAR) 11.65, 3. Worth (AUB) 12.02, 4. Via (NAR) 12.02, 5. Smelser (GW) 12.09, 6. Morgan (NAR) 12.10, 7. Bowman (NAR) 12.20, 8. Smith (COV) 12.26; 200 – 1. Tillison (GW) 24.28, 2. Felts (GW) 24.35, 3. Robertson (NAR) 24.46, 4. Wilkins (GW) 24.63, 5. Worth (AUB) 25.10, 6. Morgan (NAR) 25.30, 7. Snidow (NAR) 25.48, 8. McCroskey (NAR) 26.25; 400 – 1. Morgan (GW) 52.95, 2. McCroskey (NAR) 54.34, 3. Elkins (EM) 54.57, 4. Morgan (NAR) 55.44, 5. Bagley (GAL) 56.89, 6. Via (NAR) 58.38, 7. Kegley (GW) 59.03, 8. Romano (BC) 59.60; 800 – 1. Plogger (PM) 2:03.57, 2. Vaughan (AUB) 2:09.64, 3. Minton (GW) 2:10.92, 4. Tickle (AUB) 2:12.79, 5. Donnolly (PM) 2:14.35, 6. Osborne (GC) 2:18.06, 7. Lawhorne (PM) 2:21.54, 8. Montgomery (GW) 2:26.93; 1600 – 1. Finley (AUB) 4:48.47, 2. Cox (GC) 4:48.52, 3. Minton (GW) 4:49.48, Ke. Chandler (PM) 4:49.79, 5. Bedwell (GC) 4:49.81, 6. Wall (NAR) 4:52.92, 7. Scaggs (AUB) 4:54.18, 8. Shephard (NAR) 5:27.97; 3200 – 1. Tomlin (PM) 10:26.65, 2. Guynn (AUB) 10:29.50, 3. Ko. Chandler (PM) 10:31.69, 4. Bedwell (GC) 10:35.93, 5. Scaggs (AUB) 11:04.67, 6. Wall (NAR) 11:16.81, 7. Shephard (NAR) 13:02.59; 110 Hurdles – 1. Graham (AUB) 15.74, 2. Green (NAR) 18.32, 3. Catlett (PM) 19.90, 4. Smith (NAR) 21.15, 5. Lynch (EM) 21.23; 300 Hurdles – 1. Graham (AUB) 42.32, 2. Swatsky (GW) 45.13, 3. Green (NAR) 46.15, 4. Lynch (EM) 50.38, 5. Smith (NAR) 51.17, 6. Catlett (PM) 52.20; 400 Relay – 1. Narrows 45.72, 2. George Wythe 46.12, 3. Auburn 46.40, 4. Galax 47.37, 5. Eastern Montgomery 48.59; 1600 Relay – 1. George Wythe 3:45.06, 2. Auburn 3:45.67, 3. Parry McCluer 3:45.97, 4. Eastern Montgomery 3:52.48, 5. Galax 4:14.77; 3200 Relay – 1. Auburn 9:07.36, 2. George Wythe 9:10.14, 3. Eastern Montgomery 10:11.62, 4. Parry McCluer 11:14.18; High Jump – 1. Tillison (GW) 6-0, 2. Bagley (GAL 6-0, 3. Roupe (EM) 5-8, 4. Snidow (NAR) 5-6, 5. Shelor (AUB) 5-6, 6. Elkins (EM) 5-4, 7. Green (NAR) 5-4, 8. Tickle (AUB) 5-2; Long Jump  - 1. Tillison (GW) 21-2 ½, 2. Green (NAR) 20-1 ½, 3. Snidow (NAR) 19-8, 4. Robertson (NAR) 19-1, 5. Morgan (GW) 18-11, 6. Via (NAR) 18-1 ¼, 7. Keith (AUB) 17-3 ½, 8. Martinez (EM) 16-6 ½; Triple Jump – 1. Tillison (GW) 44-5, 2. Green (NAR) 39-0, 3. Roupe (EM) 37-7, 4. Robertson (NAR) 36-6 ½, 5. Snidow (NAR) 36-6, 6. Morgan (NAR) 36-0; Pole Vault – 1. Vaughan (AUB) 12-0, 2. Tallman (COV) 10-0, 3. Graham (AUB) 9-0; Discus – 1. Wallace (PM) 126-1, 2. Orren (PM) 124-8, 3. Martin (NAR) 124-0, 4. Stephens (AUB) 117-1, 5. Smith (COV) 116-10, 6. Brown (GAL) 103-8, 7. Vassar (PM) 99-6, 8. Williams (GAL) 92-1; Shot Put – 1. Wallace (PM) 53-5, 2. Smith (COV) 49-0 ¼, 3. Smith (NAR) 45-6 ½, 4. Orren (PM) 44-8 ½, 5. Martin (NAR) 42-4 ¼, 6. Brown (GAL) 39-11 ½, 7. Stephens (AUB) 39-11, 8. Smith (GW) 38-0 ¾.



Girls Team Scores

1. Narrows (NAR) 155, 2. Auburn (AUB) 151, 3. Eastern Montgomery (EM) 99, 4. George Wythe (GW) 80, 5. Grayson County (GC) 27, 6. Parry McCluer (PM) 18, 7. Bland County (BC) 8, 8. Highland (HIGH) 6, Craig County 6, 10. Galax (GAL) 2.


Individual Results


100 – 1. Blaker (NAR) 13.63, 2. Fowler (GW) 13.98, 3. Spencer (AUB) 14.27, 4. Tawney (NAR) 14.29, 5. Bahnken (EM) 14.32, 6. Turman (AUB) 14.34, Thompson (GAL) 14.94; 200 – 1. Faulkner (GW) 27.72, 2. Lewis (AUB) 28.38, 3. Spencer (NAR) 28.64, 4. Light (AUB) 29.44, 5. Thompson (GW) 29.54, 6. Blaker (NAR) 29.64, 7. Tawney (NAR) 30.15, 8. Fowler (GW) 31.16; 400 – 1. Tate (GW) 1:04.16, 2. Spencer (NAR) 1:10.79, 3. Smith (EM) 1:11.82, 4. Pierson (NAR) 1:13.16, 5. Edwards (GC) 1:16.56, 6. Chessie (BC) 1:19.06; 800 – 1. Chandler (PM) 2:42.98, 2. Lafon (AUB) 2:44.15, 3. Rutherford (GC) 2:49.38, 4. Leighton (NAR) 3:15.03, 5. Cormany (GC) 4:34.28; 1600  - 1. Rutherford (GC) 5:58.27, 2. Saint (AUB) 6:10.43, 3. Weatherspoon (EM) 6:19.96, 4. Chessie (BC) 6:23.15, 5. Shepard (NAR) 6:43.27, 6. Edwards (GC) 6:56.86; 3200 – 1. Saint (AUB) 13:56.07, 2. Mazingo (PM) 14:37.15, 3. Amirault (HIGH) 15:31.80, 4. Shepard (NAR) 16:15.55; 100 Hurdles – 1. Richardson (GW) 19.08, 2. Holloway (EM) 19.31, 3. Mann (NAR) 21.15, 4. South (NAR) 22.62; 300 Hurdles – 1. Mann (NAR) 1:01.60, 2. Holloway (EM) 1:04.51, 3. Agee-Helms (AUB) 1:07.95, 4. South (NAR) 1:15.70; 400 Relay – 1. George Wythe 52.01, 2. Narrows 55.16, 3. Eastern Montgomery 55.51, 4. Auburn 55.66; 1600 Relay – 1. Auburn 4:38.27, 2. Eastern Montgomery 4:38.32, 3. Narrows 4:45.73, 4. George Wythe 4:50.83; 3200 Relay – 1. Auburn 12:01.60, 2. Eastern Montgomery 12:33.95; High Jump – 1. L. Underwood (EM) 4-10, 2. E. Underwood (EM) 4-4, 3. Brotherton (AUB) 4-4, 4. Osborne (EM) 4-2, 5. Turman (AUB) 4-2, 6. Spencer (NAR) 4-2, 7. Agee-Helms (AUB) 4-2, 8. Mann (NAR) 4-0; Long Jump – 1. Spencer (NAR) 15-11 ¾, 2. Faulkner (GW) 14-9 ½, 3. Trent (NAR) 14-1 ½, 4. Smith (EM) 14-1, 5. Spencer (NAR) 13-5 ½, 6. Osborne (EM) 13-3 ½, 7. Bahnken (EM) 13-1, 8. Light (AUB) 12-11; Triple Jump – 1. Spencer (NAR) 31-8 ½, 2. Faulkner (GW) 30-0 ½, 3. Blaker (NAR) 30-0 ½, 4. Osborne (EM) 28-1 ½, 5. Spencer (NAR) 27-9; Pole Vault – 1. Turman (AUB) 6-0, 2. Brotherton (AUB) 5-0; Discus – 1. McGlothin (NAR) 90-6, 2. Swicegood (AUB) 83-8, 3. Ritter (AUB) 82-5, 4. Wade (AUB) 78-04, 5. Huffman (CC) 77-1, 6. Boone (EM) 70-10, 7. Clarke (GW) 66-0, 8. Kapranos (GW) 52-6; Shot Put – 1. Hollins (AUB) 40-3 ½, 2. McGlotin (NAR) 35-4 ½, 3. Ritter (AUB) 32-8, 4. Swicegood (AUB) 31-9, 5. Holloway (EM) 28-1, 6. Clarke (GW) 27-4 ¼, 7. Huffman (CC) 26-9 ½, 8. Wade (AUB) 26-9 ¼.


Blues Claim Another Cross Country Title

With three runners earning all-state honors, Parry McCluer’s boys cross country team cruised to its second straight state championship Friday, April 23, in Salem.


Trevor Tomlin took the individual title at the Class 1A meet, breaking the tape with a time of 16:25.60. Kendryn Chandler placed eighth overall, third in the scoring column, finishing in 16:59.30. Brendon Plogger rounded out Parry McCluer’s list of all-state performers, placing 13th in the overall race and tallying seven points for the Blues.


Completing the scoring for the Blues were Kovyk Chandler, who was 16th and scored 10 points with his time of 17:29.4, and Durham Baker, who crossed the line 35th in 18:46.3 to earn 26 points for the PM effort.


Auburn, who won the Region C crown over the Blues via a tiebreaker, was second in the state meet with 54 points. Galileo (63), Mathews (69) and Altavista (135) completed the top five in the team standings.


Also competing for the Blues were David Lawhorne and Colin Donnelly.


With the victory, the Blues claimed their third state cross country title, including their second straight. The state title is the third for Parry McCluer this season, adding to the trophies won by the boys basketball and indoor track teams in the winter.


In the girls race, Koya Chandler earned an all-state medal, placing ninth with a time of 21:38.70. Jilian Wheelock was 21st in 22:40.30.



Boys Team Scores


1. Parry McCluer 47, 2. Auburn 54, 3. Galileo 63, 4. Mathews 69, 5. Altavista 135, 6. Castlewood 146, 7. West Point 181, 8. Thomas Walker 215.


Top 15 Individuals


1. Trevor Tomlin, Parry McCluer, 16:25.60; 2. Clay Kelly, Riverheads; 3. Zane Cox, Grayson County; 4. Cameron Stearns, Mathews; 5. Josh Tomiak, George Wythe; 6. Kade Minton, George Wythe; 7. Kaleb Elswick, Grundy; 8. Kendryn Chandler, Parry McCluer, 9. Chase Guynn, Auburn; 10. Walter Thompson, Galileo; 11. Landon Green, Mathews; 12. Lucas Blevins, Chilhowie; 13. Brenden Plogger, Parry McCluer; 14. Andrew Tickle, Auburn; 15. Alexander Gomez-Hernandez, Galileo.

PM Football Players Land on All-Pioneer Squad

Coaches in the Pioneer District selected the league’s 2021 all-district football team recently, and 17 Blues earned spots on the honor squad.


Included in that number were eight first team selections. That Parry McCluer contingent was led by junior Jalen Mitchell, who was selected to three different first-team spots.


Mitchell was named first team All-Pioneer as an all-purpose player after catching eight passes for 210 yards and three touchdowns during the regular season. He also rushed for 208 yards and returned eight kickoffs for 328 yards and a touchdown, which prompted the league’s coaches to tap him as Pioneer’s top kick returner. Mitchell was also named first team at defensive back, where he helped shut down opposing receivers and recorded two tackles for loss during the regular season.


Joining Mitchell on the first team offense were linemen Jaydon Clark, at center, and Omar Massenburg, at tackle, who helped anchor Parry McCluer’s offensive line.


Senior captain Ty Ruley was named to two first-team defensive spots. At linebacker, Ruley finished the regular season with 19 tackles, including 10 solos and two tackles for loss. As a first team All-Pioneer District punter, the senior averaged 30.8 yards per kick.


Along with Mitchell and Ruley, Trey Orren was named a first-team defensive end, and Nick Reid was selected as the district’s first team punt returner. Before suffering an injury in the final regular-season game, Orren posted 20 tackles, 10 solos and 10 assists, and four quarterback sacks. Reid returned six punts during the regular season for 67 yards, an average of 11.2 yards per return.


The Blues had five players land on the second team offense. Ruley earned a spot at quarterback, while Keaton Coleman was named a second team performer at running back. Also named to the second team offense were Elijah Griffin at offensive line, J.B. Wade at tight end, and Reid at wide receiver.


Defensive lineman Zavery Wallace was one of four PM performers to earn second team defense laurels. Joining him were Sawyer Beverley at linebacker, Reid at defensive back and Dylan Critzer at another DB spot.


Five other PM players were given honorable mention consideration: John Snider (running back), Trey Secrist (offensive line), Bradick Wheeler (defensive end), Dax Patterson (defensive line) and Forrest Vassar (defensive line).


2021 All-Pioneer Football


First Team Offense


C – Jaydon Clark, Parry McCluer; OL – Hunter Smith, Narrows; OL – Ben Clemons, Narrows; OL – Omar Massenburg, Parry McCluer; OL – Levi Drissler, Covington; TE – Cole Needham, Narrows; WR – Logan Green, Narrows, WR – Ben Via, Eastern Montgomery; WR – Kolier Pruett, Narrows; RB – Shaun Smith, Covington; RB – Jake Robertson, Narrows; RB – Ty Robertson, Narrows; QB – Reid Bowman, Narrows; AP – Jalen Mitchell – Parry McCluer; K – Chadwick Tacy, Covington; KR – Jalen Mitchell, Parry McCluer.


First Team Defense


DL – Hunter Smith, Narrows; DL – Ben Clemons, Narrows; DL – Brandon Work, Eastern Montgomery, DE – Simon Gibson, Covington; DE – Trey Orren, Parry McCluer; LB – Reid Bowman, Narrows; LB – Ty Robertson, Narrows; LB – Hunter Smith, Covington; LB – Ty Ruley, Parry McCluer; DB – Logan Green, Narrows; DB – Derek Johnson, Narrows; DB – Skyler Barnett, Covington; DB – Jalen Mitchell, Parry McCluer; AP – Jake Robertson, Narrows; PR – Nick Reid, Parry McCluer; P – Ty Ruley, Parry McCluer.


Second Team Offense


C – Chase Smith, Narrows, OL – Brandon Kingery, Eastern Montgomery, OL – Elija Griffin, Parry McCluer; OL – Bryson Martin, Narrows; OL – Hunter Needham, Narrows; TE – J.B. Wade, Parry McCluer; WR – Nick Reid, Parry McCluer; WR – Justin Tyree, Eastern Montgomery; WR – Jacob Roldan, Covington; RB – Keaton Coleman, Parry McCluer; RB – Darion Moore, Eastern Montgomery; RB – Hunter Smith, Covington; QB – Ty Ruley, Parry McCluer; AP – Adam Bahnken, Eastern Montgomery; KR – Javier Walker, Bath County; K – Lilly Underwood, Eastern Montgomery.


Second Team Defense


DL – Zavery Wallace, Parry McCluer; DL – Bryson Martin, Narrows; DL – Blaine Pettitt, Covington; DL – Shawn Benjamin, Eastern Montgomery; DE – Cole Needham, Narrows; DE – Dalton Bradley, Narrows; LB – Sawyer Beverley, Parry McCluer; LB – George Young, Covington; LB – Anthony Trovata, Eastern Montgomery; LB – Justin Tyree, Eastern Montgomery; DB – Blake Kirby, Narrows; DB – Isaac Craft, Covington; DB – Nick Reid, Parry McCluer; DB – Dylan Critzer, Parry McCluer; AP – Adam Bahnken, Eastern Montgomery; PR – Jake Robertson, Narrows; P – Justin Tyree, Eastern Montgomery.


Honorable Mention


Covington: Ethan Martin, Nate Phillips, Dillon Cash, Luke Connor; Eastern Montgomery: Seth Burleson, Xavier Brown, Eli Brown, Wyatt Stallard; Parry McCluer: John Snider, Trey Seccrist, Bradick Wheeler, Dax Patterson, Forrest Vassar; Bath County: Hunter Waldeck, Kamoy Stone, Brennen Gardzinkski, Sean Tucker; Narrows: Dawson Snidow, Johnathan Holman.






COACH OF THE YEAR: Kelly Lowe, Narrows

Blues Take Second At Region C Cross Country Meet

Trevor Tomlin won the individual title at the Class 1C regional cross country meet Wednesday, April 14, at Blacksburg High School, and the Parry McCluer boys’ squad finished second in the team standings.


At the conclusion of the meet, the Blues, who placed four runners in the top 10 of the individual standings, were tied in the team tally with Auburn, with both squads posting 46 points. The regional title fell to Auburn after its sixth runner crossed the finish line ahead of Parry McCluer’s next finisher.


Both teams, along with three individual finishers, earned spots in the Class 1A state meet Friday, April 23, in Salem.


After the Eagles and Blues, George Wythe was third in the team standings with 59 points, followed by Grayson County (62), Galax (133), and Eastern Montgomery (183).


Tomlin easily outdistanced the field to claim the individual title in Region C, completing the course in just over 17 minutes. Josh Tomiak of George Wythe was second in 17:22.30, and Auburn’s Chase Guynn took third.


Kedryn Chandler was the next top finisher for the Blues, placing sixth in 17:45.30. Kovyk Chandler, in 18:02.40, was ninth, while Brendan Plogger, in 18:19.30, took 10th. Durham Baker placed 21st overall, and 20th in the team scoring with his time of 20:17.40.


David Lawhorne and Colin Donnelly also ran for the Blues, placing 31st and 37th, respectively.


On the girls side, two individuals qualified for the state meet as the Blues finished third in the team standings.


Koya Chandler placed sixth in the race, crossing the finish line in 23:08.70. Jilian Wheelock was 11th, finishing in 23:33.40 to earn all-region honors.


George Wythe took the team title with 26 points. Auburn was second with 36 points, followed by Parry McCluer (73), Eastern Montgomery (99) and Galax (104).


Cloey Mazingo crossed the line in 17th place, recording a time of 25:51.30. Maddie Henson was 18th in 26:31.90, and Katy Claytor finished in 32:46.30.



Boys Team Scores


1. Auburn (AUB) 46, 2. Parry McCluer (PM) 46, 3. George Wythe (GW) 59, 4. Grayson County (GC) 62, 5. Galax (GAL) 133, 6. Eastern Montgomery (EM) 183, Narrows (NAR), Bath County (BC), Bland County (BL)


Top 15 Individuals


1. Trevor Tomlin (PM) 17:00.90, 2. Josh Tomiak (GW), 3. Chase Guynn (AUB), 4. Kade Minton (GW), 5. Zane Cox (GC), 6. Kedryn Chandler (PM), 7. Kaiden Finley (AUB), 8.Dylan Bedwell (GC), 9. Kovyk Chandler (PM), 10. Brenden Plogger (PM), 11. Andrew Tickle (AUB), 12. Andy Vaughan (AUB), 13.Mitchell Scaggs (AUB), 14. Geraldo Reyes (GC), 15. Jamie Wall (NAR).


Girls Team Scores


1. George Wythe (GW) 26, 2. Auburn (AUB) 36, 3. Parry McCluer (PM) 73, 4. Eastern Montgomery (EM) 99, 5. Galax (GAL).


Top 15 Individuals


1. Morgan Dalton (GW) 21:25.70, 2. Kara Temple (GW), 3. Kaleigh Temple (GW), 4. Amelia Terry (AUB), 5. Katelyn Lafon (AUB), 6. Koya Chandler (PM), 7. Camryn Hardin (GW), 8. Pikea Saint (AUB), 9. Morgan Rosenbaum (AUB), 10. Kasey Rosenbaum (AUB), 11. Jilian Wheelock (PM), 12. Destyne Rutherford (GC), 13. Sarah Weatherspoon (EM), 14.Maggie Minton (GW), 15. Katie Light (AUB).

Six Named to PM Hall

The Parry McCluer Athletic Hall of Fame selection committee announced the new hall class, with six new members joining the ranks.


Nelson Fox, Mac Felts, Janice Carter, Saylor Fox, Ronald Statome, and Phil Radick all earned enshrinement in the PM Hall of Fame this year. They will be honored with a ceremony in October.


Nelson David Fox ’71: Fox played three sports at Parry McCluer during his high school career, earning letters in baseball, basketball and golf and all-district honors on the baseball diamond his senior year. Fox returned to his alma mater as a coach in 1979, taking over the basketball and golf programs, which he coached until 2014.


During that time, Fox compiled 554 basketball victories, wining 13 regular-season and tournament titles in the Pioneer District. Fox led the Blues to the state championship game in 1994. He was named the Group A Coach of the Year in both 1994 and 2006, and he was selected as the National High School Coaches Association East Coast Coach of the Year in 2006.


Fox’s golf teams scored 451 victories during his tenure, including nine district championships. The 1981 squad under Fox won the Group A state title, and he was named the state’s Coach of the Year in both 1997 and 2014.


Allen L. “Mac” Felts ’57: Felts was a three-sport standout with the Blues in the 1950s. He was named second-team All-Valley District as a quarterback on the football team in 1956 and earned second-team all-district tournament accolades in basketball in 1957. As a pitcher on the baseball team from 1956-57, Felts compiled a 12-1 record and pitched the first no-hitter in PM history in April of 1957.


After graduation, Felts played baseball at Randolph-Macon College, where he compiled a 25-9 record and was named All-Macon-Dixon Conference in 1959 and 1962. Felts was inducted into the Randolph-Macon Hall of Fame in 2009.


Janice Faye Carter ’76: Another three-sport star, in basketball, volleyball, and track, Carter served as the team captain in all three sports and was one of the founders of the distaff programs at Parry McCluer. Earning a spot on the first team of the All-Pioneer District girls basketball team in 1976, Carter was the first player to top 1,000 points in her career. She finished with 1,307 points, averaging 23.7 points per game. She was declared a High School All-American after her senior season.


After graduation, Carter was a standout on the amateur softball circuit. She was twice named Most Valuable Player of the Buena Vista City League, and she earned a spot on the all-state team three times, in 1977, 1985 and 1990. In 1974, Carter won the national baserunning championship, clocking a time of 11.4 seconds in Royal Oak, Michigan.


Saylor Fox ’68: Saylor Fox also played three sports at Parry McCluer. He was a co-captain of the football team in 1967 and served as co-caption of the basketball squad three years. In 1967, he ran the anchor leg of the track team’s mile relay squad, which went on to win a state championship in what was then a state record.


Fox walked on to the football team at Newberry College and became a four-year starter, finishing his career with 16 interceptions, including a team-leading six in 1971. A first team South Carolina All Star in 1969 and 1970, Fox was named to the Associated Press and NAIA Small College All-America teams in 1971. He was inducted into the Newberry College Hall of Fame in 1991.


Ronald Lee Statome ’60: Statome earned first team All-District 5 honors in football, basketball and baseball during his high school career. During his senior basketball season, he served as co-caption of the team and was named second team all-state.


Statome attended Ferrum Junior College, where he played both football and basketball. In 1961, Statome led the team in scoring, which earned him a scholarship to East Carolina University.


Philip Daniel Radick ’80: Radick played three sports at Parry McCluer, but he earned most of his accolades in football and wrestling. A member of the varsity football team for four years, he was selected to the All-Pioneer District first team in both 1978 and 1979 and was named all-state his senior season. He also earned a spot on the East West All-Start game that season.


Radick earned Pioneer District and Region C wrestling titles in three state seasons. A heavyweight, he also earned two state championships, winning in both 1979 and 1980, one of only four PM wrestlers to win multiple state titles. Radick attended Fork Union Military Academy after graduating from Parry McCluer.

Picture Day Slated for March 26

9 a.m. - JV Boys Basketball - Gym

9:30 a.m. - Varsity Boys Basketball - Gym

10:00 a.m. - JV Volleyball - Gym

10:15 a.m. - Varsity Volleyball - Gym

10:30 a.m. - JV Football - Field (gym if raining)

11:00 a.m. - Varsity Football - Field (gym if raining)

11:30 a.m. - Wrestling - Gym

12:15 p.m. - Indoor Girls Track - Gym

12:30 p.m. - Indoor Boys Track - Gym

12:45 p.m. - Cross Country Girls - Gym

1:15 p.m. - Cross Country Boys - Gym

1:30 p.m. - Cheer - Gym

2:00 p.m. - JV Girls Basketball - Gym

2:30 p.m. - Varsity Girls Basketball - Gym


Blues Honored On All-State Team

The Virginia High School Coaches Association released its Class 1A boys basketball team recently, and Parry McCluer landed three on the squad, including the Player of the Year and the Coach of the Year.

Earning spots on the squad for the Blues were junior Spencer Hamilton, who was named the Class 1A Player of the Year, and Will Dunlap, who earned a spot on the first team for the second straight season. At the same time, Mike Cartolaro, who helped lead the Blues to their first ever state championship, was named the Coach of the Year.

Hamilton, a 6-11 junior, averaged 23.4 points per game as the Blues finished with a 12.1 record. He also pulled down 9.2 rebounds per contest and wrapped up the year with 41 blocks, an average of 3.1 per game. Hamilton shot nearly 65 percent from the field in 2021.

Joining Hamilton on the all-state first team was 6-4 senior Will Dunlap. Dunlap averaged 11.8 points per game in 2021, shooting nearly 50 percent from the field. He also pulled down 7.5 rebounds per game and dished out a whopping 4.1 assists per game. Dunlap finished his career with 804 points.

Cartolaro was named the Coach of the Year after leading the Blues to their first state title and 11 straight victories this season. Cartolaro currently ranks in the top 10 for all-time coaching victories in the state of Virginia.

The complete VSHA All-Class 1A team is listed below.


First Team

Spencer Hamilton

Parry McCluer


Jayllen Jones



Cade Looney



Caleb Thomas



Cade McCulloch

West Point


Trevor Culbertson

J.I. Burton


Ethan Millirons



Will Dunlap

Parry McCluer


Connor Lane

Twin Springs


Stuart Hunt



Second Team

Nick DeLatos



Mason Ramey



Kameron Johnson

Charles City


Lemar Walters

West Point


Adam Painter



Peyton Coe

George Wythe


Logan Greene



Ethan Chavez

Rye Cove


Drew Hoge



Caleb Yeary

Thomas Walker


Player of the Year: Spencer Hamilton, Parry McCluer

Coach of the Year: Mike Cartolaro, Parry McCluer


Blues Earn Trip to State Finals
Parry McCluer’s boys basketball team is heading to the state championship game.


The Blues held off a furious second-half rally by J.I. Burton and slipped by the Raiders, 51-46, in a Class 1A state semifinal Wednesday, Feb. 17, in Norton. The victory propelled the Blues into the title tilt for the first time since 1994, and PM will face Altavista in the championship game, scheduled right now for 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20, in Buena Vista.


The PM defense clamped down on the high-scoring Raiders in the first half, limiting the hosts to just five points in the first period and building up a 24-16 lead by halftime. The Blues led by as many as nine points in the game, but J.I. Burton mounted a furious fourth-quarter comeback.


When Trevor Culbertson hit a three-pointer with 2:27 remaining in the game, Burton trimmed the PM lead to just one point, 42-41, and a Clay Hart trey with just under a minute remaining pulled the Raiders to within 45-44.


Down the stretch, however, the Blues came up with two big defensive stops. A Will Dunlap steal with 30 seconds remaining led to a pair of free throws from Ethan Moore to push the PM lead back to four points, 48-44. A Spencer Hamilton block of a three-pointer preserved that advantage.


At the same time, the Blues converted 11 of 14 free throws in the final two and half minutes to secure the victory.


Hamilton led all scorers in the game, pouring in 31 points to go along with his 10 rebounds. Dunlap added eight points and eight boards, while Talen Roberts grabbed four rebounds and dished out four assists. The Blues outrebound J.I. Burton 29-12 in the game.


Culbertson led the Raiders with 20 points, seven assists and seven steals. Noah Godsey drained five three-pointers and scored 15 points for J.I. Burton.















Parry McCluer (51)

Perry 1 0-0 2, Moore 1 4-4 6, Dunlap 1 5-6 8, Hamilton 11 7-10 31, Plogger 2 0-0 4. Totals 16 16-20 51.

J.I. Burton (46)

Culbertson 7 4-5 20, Hart 1 0-0 3, Lindsey 3 0-0 6, Mabe 1 0-0 2, Godsey 5 0-0 15. Totals 17 4-5 46.

3-point FG: PM 3 (Hamilton 2, Dunlap), JIB 8 (Godsey 5, Culbertson 2, Hart. Fouled out: Lindsey.


PM Girls, Boys Net Regional Basketball Wins

Both the Parry McCluer girls and boys basketball teams will be playing for regional titles.


The PM girls turned in one of its best defensive efforts of the season to advance to the title tilt with a 42-16 victory over Grayson County in the semifinals of the Region C tournament Tuesday, Feb. 9, in Buena Vista. Meanwhile the boys earned a chance to defend their Region C championship from last year with a 47-37 win over Auburn Wednesday, Feb. 10, on their home floor.


In Tuesday’s girls contest, the Blues forced more than 20 turnovers in the game and put the contest away early. PM held Grayson County without a point in the second period and led 23-4 by intermission.


Katie Claytor poured in 16 points to lead all scorers in the game, while Grayce Henson and Sydney Taylor added seven and six points, respectively.


In Thursday’s boys game, Parry McCluer converted nine of 10 free throws in the final two minutes to stave off a brief Auburn rally and defeat the Eagles for the second straight year. The Blues slipped past Auburn in last year’s Region C championship game.


Held scoreless through most of the game, Ryan Perry, Ethan Moore, and Talen Roberts combined to salt the game away at the stripe in those waning moments. At one point, the trio converted eight in a row at the foul line.


Spencer Hamilton paced the Blues with 25 points, and Will Dunlap added 11. Ethan Millirons led the Eagles with 18 points.


With the victories, both squads will play in the Region C championship games, and with victories could advance to the state tournament. Weather permitting, the girls are slated to play Mountain Empire District champion George Wythe Thursday (Feb. 11) in Wytheville. The boys will take on Narrows, the fourth meeting between the teams this year, Friday at George Wythe.


See the Parry McCluer Athletics Facebook page for updates on weather changes.














Grayson County (16)

S. Pope 2 0-0 4, K. Pope 1 3-4 5, Brown 1 0-0 2, Vaughan 1 0-0 2, Phipps 0 0-2 0, Penn 1 0-0 3. Totals 6 3-6 16.

Parry McCluer (42)

K. Grow 1 0-0 2, M. Henson 2 0-0 4, A. Claytor 2 1-1 5, Emore 1 0-0 2, G. Henson 3 1-3 7, K. Claytor 6 4-5 16, Taylor 3 0-0 6. Totals 18 6-9 42.

3-point FG: Grayson Co. 1 (Penn). Fouled out: Brown.














Auburn (37)

Black 3 0-0 7, E. Millirons 5 5-6 18, N. Millirons 2 0-0 6, Reece 0 0-2 0, Marshall 3 0-0 6, Brotherton 0 0-0 0. Totals 13 5-8 37.

Parry McCluer (47)

Perry 0 5-6 5, Moore 0 4-4 4, Roberts 0 2-3 2, Dunlap 4 1-2 11, Hamilton 11 2-7 25. Totals 15 14-22 47.

3-point FG: Auburn 6 (E. Millirons 3, N. Millirons 2, Black), PM 3 (Dunlap 2, Hamilton). Fouled out: Brotherton.


February Schedule Updates

(Note: All schedules are subject to change)

Monday, Feb. 1

Girls basketball at Stuarts Draft 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Boys basketball at Altavista 5:30 p.m.

Girls basketball at Heritage 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Feb. 3

Indoor Track at RCHS TBA

Thursday, Feb. 4

Girls basketball vs. Bath Co. 5:30 p.m.

Boys basketball vs. Bath Co. 5:30 p.m.

(Pioneer District Tournament)

Friday, Feb. 5

Girls basketball Pioneer Championship 5:30 p.m.

Boys basketball Pioneer Championship 5:30 p.m.

(Games at PM if Blues win Thursday)

Monday, Feb. 8

Indoor Track Sub Regional at Nelson County TBA

Tuesday, Feb. 9

Indoor Track Sub Regional at Nelson County TBA

Girls Basketball Region C Semifinals at PM 6 p.m.

Wednesday, Feb. 10

Boys Basketball Region C Semifinals at PM 6 p.m.

Thursday, Feb. 11

Girls Basketball Region C Championship at George Wythe TBA

Region Wrestling Championships at PM TBA

Friday, Feb. 12

Boys basketball Region C Championships at George Wythe TBA

Monday, Feb. 15

Indoor Track Regional Championships TBA

Tuesday, Feb. 16

Boys and Girls Basketball State Semifinals TBA

Saturday, Feb. 20

State Wrestling Championships TBA

Boys and Girls Basketball State Finals TBA

Wednesday, Feb. 24

JV Football at Narrows 6 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 27

Football vs. Narrows 1 p.m.

PMHS to Offer Streaming Sports Services

When the basketball season finally tips off and high school sports finally make their much-needed return, thing are going to be much different for sure.
Everyone involved with the contests will have to adhere to strict pandemic guidelines, and the players will be playing, for the most part, in an empty gymnasium. Per rules set forth by the Virginia High School League and the state of Virginia, attendance at games will be limited, leaving the general public out in the cold.

Not to worry. Parry McCluer High School has a plan to get everyone involved.

The PMHS athletic department has partnered with Hudl, the platform that many schools across the country use for film study, to offer live game broadcasts through Facebook, allowing anyone to access those games for a minimal fee.

“I’m really excited about it,” said PM athletic director and head basketball coach Mike Cartolaro. “It’s going to give our fans and families an opportunity in this crazy year that we’re in a chance to see our teams play.”

Hudl has installed a camera in the high school gymnasium, and the game feed, complete with audio commentary and, eventually, graphics, will be streamed on Facebook. Though the schedule is still in flux and is changing daily, those announcements will be posted well ahead of game time, and fans can tune in for a fee of only $4.99.

“We have a great camera set-up,” said Cartolaro. “It’s going to be [almost] like watching a college game on TV.”

While the game feeds will offer fans of Parry McCluer sports the opportunity to see games they will not be allowed to attend, they will also help an athletic department that has taken a huge financial hit over the last year due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. With the entire spring seasons canceled last year and no games in the fall, the department has generated no revenue since February.

“Costs of officials are not going down,” Cartolaro explained. “I think the impact is going to hit us really hard going into next year. The smaller schools are going to feel the pinch.”

Parry McCluer has inked a two-year deal with Hudl to provide these broadcasts, which will include boys and girls basketball, volleyball and wrestling. The same service will be provided for football, which is slated to begin during the spring semester.

The first broadcast will be an intrasquad scrimmage for the boys basketball team Tuesday, Jan. 5, at 3 p.m. Viewers can find the link for that game on the Parry McCluer High School Facebook page. The first regular-season game is tentatively slated for Friday, Jan. 8, against an opponent to be determined.