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Interview with Indoor Track State Competitors
Story by:  Trevor Tomlin
Video by:  Alex Milanese

Our Indoor Track team has had an outstanding season.  Tech team member and  Indoor Track athlete,Trevor Tomlin, interviewed his teammates and created a video highlighting the state competitors.

Although it may have “indoor” in the name, Indoor Track & Field is mainly an outdoor sport. Athletes, regardless of their events, can be seen most of the time at the high school or throughout town practicing. They battle chilly conditions each and every day in order to get in the best practice. When the weather conditions are too dangerous to practice in, you can see the athletes vigorously working out at the Wilford P. Ramsey Center on main street. The athletes of the Indoor Track & Field team are among the most talented athletes in the school system with 10 already qualifying to the 1A state meet and a few in multiple events. We proceeded to interview members of the team and coaches below.

Questions for Coaches:

  1. What does a normal practice look like?

  2. What do you like about coaching/Indoor Track & Field itself?

  3. What are you looking forward to the most this season?

  4. What is the competition like this year?

  5. What advice would you tell students who might want to try this sport?

Coach Polukuis:

  1. Warm-ups, core work, and mileage

  2. The competitive aspect and helping kids

  3. Watching the post-season racing

  4. Same as always, Auburn

  5. “Be ready for the grind. It’s mentally hard, but racing is a blast.”

Coach Kosogof:

  1. People running and occasionally picking stuff up and putting them back down

  2. It is fun, team is close and we suffer together

  3. To watch talented runners compete

  4. Tough, but we got a good squad!

  5. “It’s tough, but well worth it.”

Coach Cole:

  1. Throwing, throwing, and more throwing

  2. It’s more of an individual sport and you’re responsible for your own performance

  3. Seeing the individual accomplishments

  4. Auburn

  5. “Lift, lift, lift, form, form, form.”

Questions for Athletes:

  1. What event(s) will you compete in this season?

  2. What is your favorite event?

  3. What does a normal practice look like?

  4. What are you looking forward to the most this season?

  5. How do you feel about your coaches?

  6. What advice would you give to others who might want to try this sport?

Holden, Junior:

  1. 4x800 meter relay, 4x400 meter relay, 500 meter run, and 300 meter run

  2. The 4x800 meter relay because of the team aspect

  3. Talking strategy, then running mileage or a workout

  4. Getting back in shape and hanging out with my friends

  5. Some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met

  6. “I get it, running is awful, but competition is amazing.”

Clara, Freshman:

  1. 1000 meter and 1600 meter runs

  2. 1000 meter run because it’s shorter!

  3. Strength training then running

  4. Seeing what events I’m most interested in

  5. They’re great, and push me to do my best

  6. “Just try it because the teammates are great and supportive.”

Skylar, Sophomore:

  1. Shotput

  2. Shotput

  3. Warm-ups then throwing

  4. Getting a new personal record

  5. I love them, they taught me everything

  6. “Do your best and don’t worry about others.”

We are proud to highlight the following students who will compete in the state meet:

  • Zavery Wallace
  • Colton Staton
  • Grayson Shields
  • Brenden Plogger
  • Holden Kerr
  • Dylan May
  • Cooper Braddy
  • Caleb Workman

Also competing in the state meet are Trevor Tomlin and Sophie Dryden.