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Christmas Crafts with Jerie Ruley
Story by:  Chase Fuller 
Photos by:  DW Holzworth
The Christmas Shirt

Jerie decided to make a Christmas shirt because. “I can look back on the day that I made it and as I get older, I will have this special memory.” She chose handprints to put on her shirt to show the size of her hands and to remind herself that she can build anything with those hands.  This memory of her 8th grade year can carry her forward throughout her high school career.

She used red and green for the handprints because they are Christmas colors and it is her favorite holiday of the year.

The Class of 2018 on the shirt is a symbol of the year that she made the shirt and the memories she has made at PMHS so far.
Jerie's Christmas Shirt

Pin Ornaments

She was excited to make the clothes pin ornaments because it was her first time making them; Jerie loves doing crafts because it is creative, fun, and, memorable way to spend time with family and friends.

She loved the fact that she could decorate them anyway she wanted to; she chose snowmen because she loves snowmen and they show Christmas spirit.

Jerie's Pin Ornaments

Her Thoughts About Her First Year at PMHS

Jerie’s 2018 school year so far has been fun and exciting; she has gained so many new friends in her first year of high school. She said the reason her first year in high school is going great is all her loving friends that she is happy to have.

Her favorite subject in school is P.E., because she is able to play fun games and have fun with her friends; her favorite part about the school day is Blues Academy and lunch because she is able to spend more time with her friends and have fun.

The reason she loves Parry McCluer is that there is a lot of school spirit in the students and staff here. She is happy to be in a place where there are so many friendly people.

Jerie and Chase