Focus on the Blue

Focus on the Blue
Posted on 02/01/2019
Celeste Doxey
Have you ever thought about how music speaks to you? If you're just a regular Joe, probably not. But for those who study music and love it, they think about that concept all the time. This idea of expressing yourself through a melodic tone is why senior Celeste Doxey loves playing in the band. 
"I just really love how the language of music works and how it conveys a different message than what words can express," Doxey said.

Its been a year of success for Doxey. This year she placed first chair in mallets for All Area Band. She also received a second chair honor in concert band for All District which was 10th out of 40th percussionists. 

"It was a pretty rigorous audition and a lot of hard work went into it so I was pleased with the results," Doxey said. "I think the hard work is really rewarding."

It's this hard work that hasn't gone unnoticed at PMHS. Principal Melissa Cobb and Band & Choir Director Shannon Light nominated Doxey for this week's True Blue. They say she encompasses the title in every sense of the word.
"She consistently strives for the highest in academics, music, and leadership," Light said. "Her positive energy is contagious; she has earned the respect of her peers by leading with kindness and confidence.  Her genuine desire to learn and improve makes her a true joy to teach."

We thank Celeste for being such a positive force in our school!