Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher
Posted on 10/01/2018
Mr. Kosogof

Who could imagine that shortly after graduating from La Salle University with a degree in education that Daniel Kosogof, a native of Maryland, would be teaching high school government and world history for the Buena Vista school system.

Even though this is his first official year as an educator, Mr. Kosogof spent his last semester before graduating taking charge of his class at La Salle, so he certainly has the skill set needed for educating our students.

Along with teaching history classes at the high school, Daniel is an assistant coach for cross country and hopes to continue helping to coach the indoor and outdoor track teams later this year.

While he has only been of the “Blue community” for a short period of time, he is already becoming a favorite among the students. We interviewed Mr. Kosogof and the questions and answers are below. 

  1. How long have you been an educator?
    • This is my first year as a professional educator, but last semester of college I was in charge of the class
  2. What is your favorite story out of all of your classes – classroom or with a student?
    • Last semester of college when my students did a Bruno Mars cover of the French during World War I
  3. Favorite book to read with the students?
    • The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
  4. How does your classroom make you feel?
    • The students are enjoyable and energetic which makes me excited to come back and teach everyday
  5. Most important issue in education today?
    • Preparing students to think critically and be able to problem solve so that they can be ready for jobs that don’t even exist yet
  6. What does it mean to be a Blue?
    • To be a part of the community
  7. Did you graduate from BVCPS?
    • No
  8. Degrees/Colleges?
    • I have a degree in secondary education and American history with a minor in religious studies from La Salle University
  9. Family?
    • I have an older brother and a younger sister
  10. What are the main goals for your classroom this year?
    • Get students excited about social studies and for lots of progress throughout the year
  11. What is something new and different you want to try with your students this year?
    • I want to get the class to interact with the outside world
  12. What do you want parents to know?
  • This class will be focused on the students and will feature a large amount of activities, simulations, and discussions