Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher
Posted on 01/04/2019
Ms. Carroll

How long have you been an educator?  This is my 10th year of teaching. I taught four years in North Carolina, one year in Alabama, two years in Colorado, and two years in Missouri!! I’m married to a college basketball coach so I’m able to teach in a lot of different areas of the country.

What is your favorite story from your classroom or with students? I love when my students analyze the actions of people in history and have debates on the impact of these actions.  I enjoy hearing their thoughts and ideas on how history affects things today.

What is your favorite book to read in the classroom with students? My favorite book to read with my students is Cherokee Legend and the Trail of Tears.

What do you consider the most important issues in education today? I think there is too much focus on standardized testing.  I have taught in five states and one of those states did not have standardized testing.  I really enjoyed being able to concentrate more on the material that was interesting to the students and really go in depth with that information.

What does it mean to be a Blue? I have learned in a short time that being a Blue means being dedicated, loyal, and proud!

Did you graduate from BVCPS?  No, I graduated from Franklinton High School in Franklinton, NC.

What degree(s) do you have and which college(s) did you attend?  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Master of Arts in Teaching, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Go Heels!!

What is your family like?  I am married to Kevin Carroll and have two amazing boys, Luke (9) and Levi (6).  We have a busy, but super fun life!!

What are the main goals for your classroom this year? I want to make history fun and interesting and help each student be successful.

What is something new and different you want to try with your students this year?  I want to continue to integrate the use of technology in my classroom.

What do you want parents to know? I am here to help your children grow and succeed.  They are amazing!