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Our Blue World

A day in the life of a "Fighting Blue".

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Photo by: Ella Floyd

Photo by: Ella Floyd

Photo by: Ella Floyd

Photo by: Ella Floyd

Expression through Art

See-Think-Wonder:  An artist visit with Haleigh Roberts.

This story is about an extraordinary student who took the assignment of "journaling" in her art class with Mrs. Staton and used it to learn about herself and express her thoughts and ideas in very unique ways.  

We asked her to share some that she was proud of.  We think you're really enjoy her work and her thoughts behind the journal entries.

Two Halves Make a Whole

This piece is entitled, "Two Halves Make a Whole".  
Haleigh:  "It's what people see and don't see in each of us. We all keep things inside that we don't want the outer world so see.  But, it's always take two halves to make a whole 'me' ."

You're Never Ready

This piece is entitled, "You are Never Ready."  
Haleigh:  "No one is ever ready to lose a loved one no matter what. Just express how you feel and let the emotions shine through. Let yourself process each thought in a way that allows you to heal."

Hayleigh Roberts J3

This piece is entitled, "Face Your Fears".  
Haleigh:  "It's always better to know your insecurities and face them, then it is to fear them."

Hayleigh Roberts J4
This piece is entitled, "Blessings".  
Haleigh:  "Never take anyone in your life for granted because you never know when they will leave you."