Parry McCluer Athletic Hall of Fame

Mission Statement

The Parry McCluer High School Sports Hall of Fame will honor those individuals who, by outstanding achievement in athletics or service, have brought pride and distinction to Parry McCluer Athletics.

The nominee shall exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, moral character, and carry the endorsement of Parry McCluer High School.

Nominations will be accepted for any athlete, coach, administrator, or contributor who through his/her commitment and dedication to the Parry McCluer Athletic program has brought pride and distinction to PMHS.

All athletes are eligible for nomination 10 years after their high school graduation
Coaches may be nominated even though they are still actively coaching.


Class of 2022

  • Donnie Holt, Class of 1956
  • Thomas M. "Tommy" Dickinson, Jr., Class of 1961
  • Michael D. "Mike" Guinn, Class of 1964
  • Darrell "BB" Manuel, Class of 1977
  • Michael A. "Mike" Cartolaro, Class of 1978

Class of 2021

  • Allen L. "Mac" Felts, Jr., Class of 1957
  • Ronald L. "Ronnie" Statome, Class of 1960
  • Saylor Fox, Class of 1968
  • Nelson D. Fox, Class of 1971
  • Janice F. Carter, Class of 1976
  • Philip D. "Phil" Radick, Class of 1980

Class of 2019

  • Horace M. "Plug" Henson, Class of 1937
  • Milton "Ted" Vest, Jr., Class of 1953
  • Wilton Leon "Cute" Coleman, Class of 1954
  • Thomas A. "Tommy" Cash, Class of 1964
  • Neal Mohler, Class of 1981

Class of 2018

  • Brotherton T. "Billy" Snider, Class of 1960
  • Joseph E. "Buck" Stinnett, Class of 1960
  • George Wheeler, Class of 1966
  • Bruce Black, Class of 1975
  • Hans L. Mohler, Class of 1978

Class of 2017

  • Carlisle Y. Hostetter, Class of 1953
  • Joseph Ray "Joe" Wilson, Class of 1961
  • Clyde W. "Wayne" Lineberry, Class of 1972
  • Robert M. "Robbie" Douglas, Class of 1978
  • Lindsey Coleman Fitzgerald, Class of 1998
  • Louis V. "Nubby" Schreiner

Class of 2016

  • Robert B. "Bobby" Wagner, Class of 1952
  • James E. "Jimbo" Wagner, Class of 1953
  • Lewis W. "Joe" Wheeler, Class of 1960
  • Preston B. Evans, Class of 1970
  • Gregory K. "Greg" Bartley, Class of 1978
  • David W. "Dave" Ellison

Class Of 2015

  • Elwood D. Fox, Class of 1937
  • Francis W. Lynn, Class of 1946
  • Horace M. "Bo" Henson, Jr, Class of 1960
  • Danny W. Wilmer, Class of 1965
  • Charles E. "Charlie" Wheeler, Jr, Class of 1969
  • Virginia D. "Dawn" Coleman, Class of 1990
  • Michael C. Decker, Class of 1997

Class Of 2014

  • Kevin W. Cropp, Class of 1974
  • Timmothy N. "Timmy" Jones, Class of 1980
  • Lesley D. Secrist, Class of 1981
  • Kerry L. Camper, Sr.
  • Joseph A. "Joe" Downing, Jr.
  • Charles F. "Charlie" Kurtz
  • Eugene L. "Gene" Mehaffey

Inducted in 2013-Video

  • Melvin Chaplain, Class of 1951
  • William F. "Billy" Huffman, Class of 1956
  • Robert E. "Bobby" Williams, Class of 1958
  • John E. Snider, Jr., Class of 1959
  • Wendell L. Coleman, Class of 1962
  • Charles F. "Charlie" Manual, Class if 1963
  • John M. Dyer, Class of 1976

The Parry McCluer High School Sports Hall of Fame Committee
reserves the right to amend the bylaws if needed, by a majority vote.
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